Fleet Information Management System (FIMS)

Every Orange EV truck includes access to our Telematics system, the Fleet Information Management System, or FIMS for short.

FIMS provides an online portal to access real time data and truck status and efficiencies. The system collects data from the truck and transmits it via a cell signal to our server.

Useful information that is available within the FIMS system includes:

  • Key-on time
  • Distance driven (GPS-based)
  • State of charge
  • Speed data
  • Monitor charging protocols
  • Monitor usage and driver habits
  • And more

After truck delivery, Orange EV conducts FIMS user training and an initial performance review based on the data from the telematics system.


As you grow your trucks/fleet, the unit is added to the existing FIMS account.

Click Here to Login to FIMS



Our FIMS user guide is designed as an on-demand resource when refresher training is needed. Download FIMS User Guide